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Segnalibri: 23 novembre 2009 – 25 novembre 2009

Stop designing websites, start designing posters « BoagworldA new generation of websites are emerging that look less like websites and more like posters. They are easy to use, visually engaging and most of all different. Which is more useful? Google’s links or the actual home page? – (37signals)It’s interesting how many of Google’s expanded listings […]


Segnalibri: 8 ottobre 2009 – 15 ottobre 2009

Magazine The Atlantic | Issue Brave Thinkers: A Retrospective | MagCloudDrawing exclusively from our archives, we have selected a handful of articles that, we believe, not only represent Brave Thinking at particular moments in history but also capture some important aspect of their century as a whole, offering a vista across the span of decades, […]


Segnalibri: 8 luglio 2009 – 9 luglio 2009

5 Tech Things Every Blogger Should Know | The Blog Herald Social networking sites make it easy to get online, but blogging, especially over the long haul, takes something more. Things To Consider When Using WordPress as a CMS | Devlounge Add a solid support for “static” content, being the WordPress Pages, and more newsy […]