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Segnalibri: 21 dicembre 2009 – 8 gennaio 2010

A Form of Madness – Dive Into HTML5Everybody knows about web forms, right? Make a <form>, a few <input type="text"> elements, maybe an <input type="password">, finish it off with an <input type="submit"> button, and you’re done. 24 ways: The Web Is Your CMSIt is amazing what you can do these days with the services offered […]


Segnalibri: 2 settembre 2009 – 4 settembre 2009

Bruce Lawson’s personal site  : This millenium in HTML 5 (politics)OK, so it’s not quite a millenium but the flame wars, bitch fests on the mailing list make it feel that way. HTML 5: The Markup LanguageThis specification describes the fifth major version of the HTML language and provides details necessary for producers of HTML […]


Segnalibri: 1 settembre 2009 – 2 settembre 2009

Yahoo! Search Blog » Blog Archive » See More SearchMonkey in Your Search ResultsWant a little more SearchMonkey in your Yahoo! search results? Starting today, more enhanced results for product, local, entertainment, reference, social, and tech sites will appear automatically in your results, putting more information and answers right at your fingertips. Copyediting: Man vs. […]