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Segnalibri: 18 novembre 2009 – 20 novembre 2009

"Streams of Content, Limited Attention: The Flow of Information through Social Media"For the longest time, we have focused on sites of information as a destination, of accessing information as a process, of producing information as a task. What happens when all of this changes? Daring Fireball: The OS OpportunityThere are massive business markets where Windows […]


Segnalibri: 8 luglio 2009 – 9 luglio 2009

5 Tech Things Every Blogger Should Know | The Blog Herald Social networking sites make it easy to get online, but blogging, especially over the long haul, takes something more. Things To Consider When Using WordPress as a CMS | Devlounge Add a solid support for “static” content, being the WordPress Pages, and more newsy […]