Segnalibri: 30 novembre 2009

  • Who invented the spacer.gif?
    I got an email from David Siegel himself, where he confirms that he invented the spacer.GIF technique.
  • The Media Equation - For Media, a Sunset Is Followed Quickly by a Sunrise -
    Tiny netbooks and iPhones, which serve as portals to the cloud, contain more informational firepower than entire newsrooms possessed just two decades ago. And they are ginning content from their audiences in the form of social media or finding ways of making ambient information more useful. They are jaded in the way youth requires, but have the confidence that is a gift of their age as well.
  • Open Source Proves Elusive as a Business Model -
    European regulators view MySQL as sort of a database of the people, a low-cost alternative to Oracle’s costly proprietary products. The regulators worry that Oracle may stop improving MySQL in favor of protecting its core traditional products, and customers will lose an important option in the database market.